The images above were created during my employment at Fuel VFX. It was a great place to work, filled with talented artists and great people, whose only desire was to make the best pictures possible. I learnt a great deal from everyone there.

I started out as a Modelling and Texture artist, then worked my way through all the disciplines before becoming an Onset and CG Supervisor. In the last year or so I moved into a management role, as Operations Manager, where I helped oversee the delivery of all the projects Fuel was working on. I also co-ran the R&D department and was involved in artist recruitment and bidding for future work.

I was fortunate to work for high profile clients such as Sony, McDonald's, Lexus, and BMW; creating TVC's (Television Commercials), whilst also dabbling on the following feature film: Captain America: The First Avenger, Thor, Prometheus, MI:4, Cowboys & Aliens, The Spirit, Australia, Tomorrow When The War Began, and Charlotte's Web.