Success Stories

So here’s my list of things that helped me to get healthy again. If you want to add any items to the list that worked for you then get in touch and I’ll add them. The idea behind this list is that there are no wrong answers. You might find that some things are helpful and others are not, but they are all here as things to try. I was able to overcome my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome because I said, ‘what the fuck,’ and allowed myself to be receptive to new idea’s. I no longer cared if they were considered appropriate, and I stopped listening to only the negative comments that were made about them. Instead I researched the topics and made a decision for myself. Hope it helps.

The Lightning Process
This changed my life and reminded me why I had achieved the successes in my life before CFS. Make sure you find the right practitioner, as I’m sure that makes a massive difference. If you’re in Australia than I can highly recommend Ian Cleary

By stretching several times per week I was able to decrease the amount of migraines I got and it helped me to get moving again.

I know it sounds silly, but smiling in the morning when I found it hard to get out of bed helped to make getting out of bed easier.

Being open minded
New idea’s and concepts can be intimidating and scary, but when I allowed myself accept the possibility that they might help in my recovery I had taken the first step to recovering. The second step was deciding what I wanted to try and then the hardest part of all, actually doing it.